Center for Diversity and Inclusion


Few things in your life will have such a marked influence as your college experience, and Franklin College is an outstanding institution at which to complete your education.

At Franklin, we will challenge you to stretch beyond your present capacities and become an active partner in your education. You will also be given opportunities to develop your leadership potential and to explore the world beyond the classroom and the campus. Your personal and academic growth are at the center of this institution.

Committed to maintaining a diverse community in an atmosphere of mutual respect, Franklin College provides an opportunity for students to live and study among other races, cultures, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds, etc. To be successful in a diverse environment, students can expect support from several administrative and academic departments, including the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, where our mission is to promote a campus community that fosters the holistic development of underrepresented students by providing relevant services to support their academic pursuit, expressing genuine care for their personal development and well-being, advocating on their behalf and encouraging the full use of all college resources. The key to your success is to take advantage of all that Franklin College has to offer. Given the variety of activities on campus, you are certain to find one or more that you will enjoy. Get involved from the start to ensure that your academic year begins on a positive note.

Your undergraduate experience can be one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding times of your life.

To learn more, contact Maegan Pollonais, director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion,  at

Download the Diversity and Inclusion on Campus Handout (PDF)

Your College Home is in Franklin, Indiana!

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