First-Year Seminar and Launch Lab

First-Year Seminar

As part of your first semester course load, you will take a three-credit First-Year Seminar, a class you select based entirely on your personal passions. Examine a variety of contemporary topics, like religion and the Marvel universe, young adult literature and social change, or the culture of competitive sports, in the company of like-minded peers who share your interests. Have fun and meet new friends while gaining skills that will aid you in your other classes, including:

  • Critically reading and analyzing text
  • Creating connections between course topics
  • Asking meaningful questions
  • Engaging in academic discourse

Though our course offerings change from year to year, the video below will give you a feel for the type of dynamic topics you can expect from a First-Year Seminar class.

Launch Lab

Think of Launch Lab as your weekly personal growth hour. In this lab, you will gain personal development skills while engaging with your peers. Together you will learn how to advocate for yourselves, how to fail resiliently, how to center your body and mind and how to make the most of your strengths.

While most weeks you will meet exclusively with your First-Year Seminar class, the entire first-year class will attend Launch Lab together three times during the semester during Community Hours, covering topics like:

  • Transitioning to Franklin College: What to expect as you adjust to college life
  • Taking Care of Yourself: Assessing and caring for your physical and emotional health
  • Valuing Others: Expressing gratitude, fostering inclusivity and creating community

Let’s Talk

If you have specific questions about First-Year Seminar and Launch Lab, contact the Center for Student Success at 317.738.8334 or email us at