Alumni Council

The Franklin College Alumni Council acts as a representative body for the Alumni Association.

Mission: To engage alumni in the life of the College, encourage lifelong connections among alumni, and support the College ideals of excellence, leadership and service.

The Council meets four times annually to discuss future alumni programs and policies on the campus. Three of its representatives also serve on the Franklin College Board of Trustees. Its current goals are to increase alumni involvement on campus in order to benefit current students, encourage better attendance at special events and involve more alumni in admissions and fundraising efforts on behalf of the College.

group photo of Alumni Council












Current members:

Dave Abel ’75
Jon Almeras ’92
Lisa (Wilson) Arnold ’89
Jeff Atwood ’81
Amy Belisle ’98
Todd Bemis ’84
Kim Bereman-Hinz ’77
Arjun Bhalla ’16
Colin Brown ’13
Nancy Busenbark ’79
Julianne Butler ’88
Erin (Bracht) Clark ’06
Natasha (Peterson) Clements ’13
Angela (Brown) Coy ’97
Tom DeBaun ’86
Bryan Epperson ’93
Jacob Evans ’14
Steve Fisher ’74
Holly (Hardman) Johnston ’93
Zeeshan Malik ’06
Erin (Esserman) Meek ’04
Anna Murdock ’15
Matt Niehoff ’16
Suzanne (Nekvasil) Robinson ’87
Randy Stocklin ’00
Chuck Stumpf ’67
Carol (Summers) Tumey ’63
Stephanie Wagner ’05
Terri (Zuffa) Wagoner ’77
Aaron Williams ’12
Evan Wineland ’06
Tricia (Auld) Zachidny ’78
Jennifer (Rhorer) Zentz ’07

Alumni Council constitution and by-laws (PDF)

If you are interested in serving on the Alumni Council, email Emily Wood or call her at 317.738.8283.