Residence Life Staff

Reside Life Staff Roles at Franklin College

There are 35 Residence Life Staff members serving in four different roles.

Director of Residence Life:

The Director of Residence Life oversees the entire Residence Life operation and supervises the Residence Hall Coordinators (RHCs).  The Director also serves as the primary assignments manager for student housing and oversees compliance with the Residency policy.

Residence Hall Coordinators:

There are three Residence Hall Coordinators living in the residence halls.  This is a full-time professional staff member who lives on campus. RHCs manage the operational functions in the halls, provide personal advice, manage disciplinary concerns, supervise the Resident Assistants (RAs), and coordinate developmental programming for their community.

Assistant Residence Hall Coordinator:

One returning Resident Assistant is selected to be an Assistant Residence Hall Coordinator (ARHC).  This undergraduate staff member manages many of the day-to-day operations in Hoover-Cline and works with an RHC to manage the RAs and programming in the community.

Resident Assistants:

There are 30 RAs who serve in our four residence hall communities. An RA is an undergraduate staff member who lives in a residence hall and whose primary responsibility is to facilitate the development of a community atmosphere among the students on each floor. RAs plan programs and activities for residents as well as respond to maintenance concerns, provide basic counseling, handle emergencies and identify students who behave in an inappropriate manner and refer them for disciplinary action when necessary.