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Franklin College – Fully Prepared for the Pursuit Ahead (PDF)

Who we are

Founded in 1834, Franklin College was the first college in Indiana to admit women. To this day, that spirit of welcoming and inclusivity still defines who we are.

With a tight-knit student body of 1,023 students and a highly involved faculty, we offer a distinct opportunity to thrive in a supportive environment. From immersive internships to our tailored first-year experience, Franklin meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.

What we offer

It’s called transformative liberal arts for a reason.

Here you’ll experience a comprehensive curriculum and meaningful mentorship. But more than that, you’ll learn to be a critical thinker and an effective communicator. You’ll learn how to adapt to challenges and solve problems creatively. You’ll fully prepare for the pursuit ahead.

Experience Franklin College

Majors and Minors

Choose between 50+ majors in 24 academic disciplines in a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum.

Faculty Advocates

Meet faculty advocates who are deeply invested in your success and rooting personally for you.

Campus Life

Explore a unique campus home designed for connection, athletics and learning.

What sets us apart

We’re known for our transformative liberal arts curriculum, our investment in immersive learning, and for setting the standard for ethical leadership. That means you experience the strongest education and receive immediate real-world experience and leave knowing exactly what you want to pursue.

Football team running on field with flags

Launch Your Life in Scenic Franklin


A fulfilling life begins with self-discovery. That’s why we created Launch, a first-year experience designed for your growth, and tailored to your interests and goals.

Career Readiness

Gain experience, network, and build a meaningful portfolio through life-changing internships.

Ideal Location

Experience the best of both worlds – a small, scenic campus with all of the resources of Indianapolis just 20 minutes away.

Let's Talk

We're excited you're interested in Franklin College! If you have specific questions, contact the office of admissions at 888.852.6471 or 317.738.8075 or email us at

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