Meet Our Students

Meet Our Students

A typical Franklin College student? That would be impossible to describe as our students hail from different backgrounds, possess a variety of skills and talents, and each pursue their education and interests on their own terms. Yet, they all found their fit at Franklin College where personalized education with dedicated faculty mentors is the norm. Check out their stories and discover how they are pursuing their passions at Franklin College.

Student Profiles

Larken Adams

Major: graphic design and art history

Topics: Faculty advocates

Nagib Afani

Major: Psychology

Topics: International student, golf

Camryn Allen

Major: Music

Topics: Internships, faculty who care, immersive learning

Emmarae Arensdorff

Major: English

Topics: Franklin College family

Jaycie Blanford

Major: psychology

Topics: Getting involved, leadership opportunities

Alisha Burch

Major: exercise science

Topics: Balancing sports and academics

Alexis Cheatham

Major(s): creative writing and psychology

Topics: mentors, faculty advocates, one-on-one learning

Armani Christopher

Major: exercise science

Topics: Growing up, balancing college and sports, mentors

Gunnar Dittrich

Major: biology

Topics: community, getting involved, making new friends

Grace Esterline

Major: accounting, Spanish

Topics: required classes, literature

Sam Fain

Major: creative writing

Topics: individual instruction, faculty who care

Ben Fears

Majors: philosophy and English

Topics: inclusivity, housing

Hunter Fields

Majors: sociology and psychology

Topics: meaningful connections

Vincent Fletcher

Major: psychology

Topics: Transferring from another college, welcoming environment

Dylan Graham

Major: quantitative analysis, applied mathematics

Topics: adjusting to college, mentor teacher

Evan Graham

Major: sports communication

Topics: Faculty support

Dylan Harker

Majors: pure math, applied math, and quantitative analysis

Topics: communication, non-traditional teaching

Kyle Harmening

Major: political science

Topics: advantages of small college, theatre, Individualized instruction

Sam Harrison

Major: English

Topics: required classes, value of liberal arts education

August Hartzell

Major: exercise science

Topics: faculty support, small school/big benefits

Regan Hendricks

Major: public relations

Topic: developing friendships

Brianna Hutton

Major: exercise science

Topics: Study away trip, educational challenges

Erica Irish

Major: journalism

Topics: Hands-on learning, mentor

Janae Johnson

Major: sociology

Topics: Launch mentor, Welcome Week

Reilly Jones

Major: Business

Topics: Faculty advice; discovering interests

Borden Kennedy

Major: psychology

Topics: Internships

Payton Kittaka

Major: chemistry

Topics: career exploration, internships

Paul Klaeren

Major: Economics

Topics: Sports, support, making the college decision

Sam Loyd

Majors: English and history

Topics: teaching, hands-on learning, internships

Jessie McClain

Major: public relations

Topic: fitting in, finding your college home

Maggie McComas

Major: English and French

Topics: Study abroad, internships

Taylor McElwain

Major: sociology

Topics: diversity, mentors, gaining confidence

Becca McKinley

Major: English/Creative Writing

Topics: PIVOT

Carolina Puga Mendoza

Major: journalism and French

Topics: diversity, leadership

Clayton Miller

Majors: graphic design, history

Topic: faculty support, small school benefits

Kirsten Nielsen

Majors: political science and Spanish

Topics: Greek life, leadership

Bennie Patterson

Major: public relations

Topics: struggles of freshmen, Launch first-year program, being a mentor

Griffin Reid

Majors: political science and history

Topics: leadership, political awareness

Sophia Reynolds

Major: Graphic Design

Topics: Career choice, faculty support

Kaylee Seabolt

Major: history

Topics: one-on-one, individual attention

Brynna Sentel

Major: journalism

Topics: benefits of small college, inclusivity

Addie Smith

Major: Art

Topics: growing up, help of college advisors

Ashley Snoke

Major: history and political science

Topics: International Honors Experience, study away

Jenna Spini

Major: public relations

Topics: mentors, home away from home

Landon Tak

Major: biology

Topics: choosing a major, faculty advocates

MacKenzie Taylor

Majors: elementary education and history

Topics: internships, hand-on learning, discovering career path

Amari Thompson

Major: political science

Topics: diversity, getting involved, internship

Haven Tunin

Major: Art

Topics: Finding your passion, faculty support

Mahalah Wilson

Major: conservation/ecology

Topics: Internships

Quenton Wellington

Major: Sociology

Topics: Athletics, time management