Greek Life FAQ

Considering Joining a Fraternity or Sorority at Franklin College?

Joining a fraternity or sorority is an important decision. We hope the Frequently Asked Questions can provide some additional answers to common inquiries we see in our office.

If I am a legacy, am I guaranteed membership?

A legacy is a prospective member whose grandparent, parent or sibling is an alumnus or active in a particular fraternity or sorority. Legacies may be given special consideration but each potential new member is considered on an individual basis. Legacies are not obligated to join a particular Greek organization and the organization is not obligated to pledge a legacy. Recruitment is a mutual selection process and the prospective member and organization are looking for compatibility, not a family connection to the group.

Will my academics be compromised if I join a Greek chapter?

Academics are a top priority in the Greek community. Each chapter on campus has a scholarship officer who initiates programs within the chapter to encourage high academic achievement. At Franklin College, the average GPA among Greek students has been consistently higher than the all-college average GPA.

How much does it cost to join a Greek organization?

The Greek experience is an investment in your future. The academic assistance, leadership skills, and friendships will benefit you beyond your days at Franklin College. The perception that fraternities and sororities are only an option for the “rich” is false! Many Greek life participants maintain jobs and internships, receive financial aid, and obtain scholarships to afford their education. The financial commitment varies from chapter to chapter and as you go through the recruitment process you will receive detailed information about each chapter’s particular fees.

How much time does membership take?

The time commitment varies from chapter to chapter but the first semester is the most intensive as a new member goes through the chapter’s education program. Each chapter has weekly chapter meetings and other mandatory events (philanthropic, service, social, etc) throughout the year, but they are planned well in advance. The more you put into the chapter the more you will get out of being a member.

What about hazing?

Franklin College and the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils have unconditionally opposed any situation created intentionally to produce mental or physical ridicule. Freedom from the humility and danger of hazing is guaranteed to every student on campus. Any violation of this guarantee should be reported to the Director of Student Engagement and Greek Life through this form.

What should I talk about at the recruitment events?

It is important for you to be yourself during recruitment and let the conversation flow naturally. Remember, recruitment is a mutual selection process and the fraternities and sororities are presenting themselves to you just as you are presenting yourself to them. Asking questions is encouraged.

What happens if I decide I don’t want to join a fraternity or sorority?

There is no obligation to join a fraternity just because you participated in a recruitment event.