Residency Criteria

Residency Criteria at Franklin College

Franklin College firmly contends that campus residences offer unique opportunities for socialization and participation in community governance and that the challenges of group living are a contributing factor in students’ overall education and personal development. For this reason, the following residency policy is in effect at the institution.

Unless special permission is granted by the Office of Residence Life, students must be enrolled full-time at Franklin College and regularly attend classes in order to occupy a residence hall room. All first-year, sophomore and junior year students are required to live in college residence halls or fraternity houses except:

  1. Students residing with parents or legal guardians who live in Johnson County, Marion County, or at a location that is less than a 30-minute drive to campus as determined by the college (verification of residence may be required).
  2. Students residing with their spouses (verification of marriage may be required)
  3. Students with military veteran status verified by the office of academic records.
  4. Students who obtain medical waiver through the campus physician. Forms for this may be obtained in the Dean of Students’ office.
  5. Students over the age of 22.
  6. Senior year students who have 91 or more credit hours.
  7. Students who have obtained an exception from the Dean of Students. Exceptions are rare. Requests must be submitted in writing using the form that is available in the dean of students’ office.

Any student who fails to qualify for one of these exceptions will be billed automatically at the current lowest room rate.  All students living in residence halls and those residing in fraternity houses which do not offer food service are also required to board at the student dining hall in the campus center. The dining hall is closed during Thanksgiving, winter holiday (Christmas), Spring Break, and Summer Intersessions.