Security and Safety

Franklin College Security and Safety Information

Franklin College is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for all members of the campus community.

The office of security is located in the Napolitan Student Center on the east end of the ground floor and operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The department is staffed by a director and five full-time security officers.

The security staff makes regular rounds of all campus buildings and monitors all fire alarm systems via a two-way radio system. Members of the department also administer the card access systems and security camera systems on campus. The card access system allows for access to be given to different buildings on campus using a college-issued identification card. An emergency text messaging system has also been put into place for use during occasions that require mass notification of the campus community.

Crime prevention presentations are made regularly, upon request, to a wide variety of student groups. Members of the campus community are encouraged to report emergencies and criminal activity to campus security and to the Franklin City Police/Fire Department by dialing 911. The non-emergency number for the campus office of security is 317.738.8888.

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Emergency Preparedness

Franklin College has an emergency management plan. The plan’s purpose is a local level integrated emergency management tool designed to direct the emergency-disaster response of Franklin College. The plan goal is to provide a means to utilize all available resources to PREPARE for and prevent potential emergencies or disasters whenever possible, and deal efficiently with the effects of the inevitable events; RESPOND to the needs to save lives and protect property: and promote a means to RECOVER mission, critical business, and academic operations.

If a parent is ever unable to reach their student, the office of security may be contacted at 317.738.8888 for assistance.

Emergency Text Messaging System

Franklin College’s emergency text messaging system is used during occasions that require mass notification to the campus community. It is part of a redundant system intended to get information out as quickly as possible. Other methods of communication are e-mail alerts, telephone calling trees, and the Franklin College website. Students are encouraged to “opt-in” to the texting service when they register their vehicles for campus parking at the beginning of the fall semester. Notices are also sent to students that may not have a car on campus. Students may sign up by going to GrizLink and searching for ‘text’ (emergency text messaging system).

Parking Registration

All students and employees are required to register vehicles that they wish to park on campus.  Students may update their vehicle information on GrizLink by searching for “Parking”.  Students are required to get a new parking permit at the beginning of each academic year.

Annual Security Reports

Franklin College produces an annual security report that is available in the fall of each year. This report includes crime statistics, reportable crime definitions, information on sexual assault and sexual harassment, reporting procedures, and fire safety information. This report may be found on the security page on myFC or hard copies are available in the office of security.

Previous reports (the reports cover the previous year):

Campus Safety and Security Report 2023 (PDF)

Campus Safety and Security Report 2022 (PDF)

Campus Safety and Security Report 2021 (PDF)


Campus Call Boxes

There are 17 emergency call boxes located across campus. They are intended to provide easy access to communicate with security officers in the event of an emergency. The boxes are well-marked yellow poles with a blue light on top. Those needing to contact security only have to push a button and the officer on duty will be alerted of their location. The person needing help can then speak with the officer using our radio system.

Campus Building Keycard Access

Access to many areas on campus are controlled by card access.  These include all residence halls, academic facilities, and athletic buildings.  The majority are kept locked and require an active Franklin College ID card to get in.  Some buildings that need to be publicly accessible are only unlocked during normal business hours and then require card access after-hours.    

Submit a Report

There are two ways to submit a report to the Office of Security — through an anonymous report and through a formal report. Both reports require a login through GrizLink.

Who We Are

Office of Security

Steve LeonardDirector of Security, Title IX
Emily MartenProject Manager and Facilities Office Supervisor, Deputy Title IX
Raymond PriceAssistant Director of
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