Launch Your Success

Intro to Launch

Launch is a yearlong program that propels your transition into college and empowers your growth in every area. This distinct first-year experience is tailored to you, giving you the freedom to pursue topics you love while working directly with your own mentorship team.


Your Distinctive First-Year Experience

The beauty of Launch is that it allows you to set your own course. You’ll enjoy immersive courses dedicated to an area of interest and experience unique features like a personal development summit, a success hub and a lab dedicated to self growth.


Launch Team

Meet your personal panel of success advisers who help you reach your goals.

Launch Mentors

Connect with upper-class students who serve as knowledgeable guides.

Launch Lab

Learn self-advocacy, resilience and how to take full advantage of your strengths.

First-Year Seminar

Individualize your Launch path by taking a single class that examines a contemporary topic.


Attend a personal development summit featuring interactive workshops.

Student Success

Discover all the ways we offer support including our student success hub and family partnerships.

  • Bennie Patterson - Launch mentor

     I am more open and always willing to talk to people whether I am having a good day or a bad day. I tell my mentees, ‘Listen, I am not a person of authority. I go to school with you. We’re friends. It’s like being a big brother.’ ” - Bennie Patterson '22

Getting Started

After you’ve paid your deposit and officially been accepted, we’ll reach out with more information (and some FC swag). In that communication, we’ll walk you through all the details of Welcome Week and New Student Registration.

Pay Your Deposit

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