Immersive Term

Experience an Immersive Term at Franklin College

Students at Franklin College may find they spend the month of January differently than their friends at other colleges and universities.

Rather than beginning a full second-semester course load directly after the winter holiday break, students at Franklin College enroll in an Immersive Term course, lasting the month of January. There are many exciting options available for students to choose from, including non-traditional classes, internships and study-away opportunities.

Non-Traditional Classes

Students must take a minimum of two Immersive Term classes prior to graduation. Freshmen take their first Immersive Term course on-campus as part of their Launch program. Each Immersive Term course examines a contemporary topic through a combination of experiences, including:

  • Traditional classroom learning: Read and analyze academic texts and engage in lecture-based discourse with expert faculty and your peers.
  • Hands-on experiences: Participate in non-traditional activities via role playing, debates, workshops, games and more.
  • Off-campus collaboration: Visit museums, parks and even virtual putting greens, or interact with professionals who come to campus to share their expertise and insight.

On-Campus Class List

  • IMM 103: Jazz in Modern American Culture
  • IMM 107: Voluptuous Panic! Europe Between Wars
  • IMM 120: The Power of Literacy
  • IMM 121: Becoming a Biographer: Profile Writing
  • IMM 122: Me, Myself & Hitchcock
  • IMM 143: The Math of Pixar
  • IMM 146: Baking - It's Chemistry You Can Eat
  • IMM 160: Hoosier Hysteria
  • IMM 177: Civil Rights Law
  • IMM 178: Into the Unknown: Chart Course for Future
  • IMM 184: Three Generations
  • IMM 191: Weird Indiana: Offbeat Oddities in IN
  • IMM 490: Public and Community Art: Mural Creation
  • IMM 104 — Music and Sports: A Shared Influence and Impact
  • IMM 105 — The History and Culture of Dance
  • IMM 106 — A Survey of American Musical Theater
  • IMM 114 — American Gold Rush: Striking It Rich!
  • IMM 115 — Martin Luther King: The Man, The Leader, The Legacy
  • IMM 120 — The Power of Literacy
  • IMM 123 — Writing for Television
  • IMM 124 — Dystopian Fiction
  • IMM 130 — Understanding China via Cooking and Culture
  • IMM 152 — Unlocking Black Excellence
  • IMM 160 — Hoosier Hysteria
  • IMM 176 — Building with Buddha: Exploring Buddhist Meditation through 3D Printing
  • IMM 240 — The Data Science Behind Sports Betting
  • IMM 241 — CSI: Franklin College


After Freshman year, many students choose to spend Immersive Term gaining experience in their chosen field through internships. Our supportive faculty and staff help students search for internships and provide tips on how to land the position. 100% of Franklin College students complete one internship prior to graduation.

Travel Opportunities

Each January, we offer a variety of faculty-led study away courses for students during Immersive Term. These courses are an exciting part of the Franklin College curriculum and offer students the opportunity to experience global cultures while diving into subjects like history, languages, religion, architecture and sports! Locations vary by year, but have included England, France, Costa Rica, South Africa and Guatemala. All Immersive Term travel opportunities are open to students of any major.

Learn more about study away opportunities

Off-Campus Class List

  • IMI 105: Modern Japan (international travel course)
  • IMI 116: Explore a Global Career in Costa Rica (international travel course)
  • IMI 122: British Culture Through an American Lens (international travel course)
  • IMI 130: Bon Appetit! (international travel course to France)
  • IMI 137: Food, Architecture and Culture in Morocco and Southern Spain (international travel course)
  • IMO 101 — Inspired by the Mouse: Pursue Passions for Disney (domestic travel course)
  • IMI 121 — London Calling (international travel course)
  • IMI 130 — Bon Appetit! (international travel course to France)
  • IMI 135 — Sport in South Africa (international travel course)
  • IMI 136 — Moroccan Culture and its Influence on Southern Spain (international travel course)
  • IMI 140 — Art and Architecture in Italy (international travel course)
  • IMI 263 — Coffee, Chocolate, and Fair Trade in Guatemala (international travel course)
  • IMI 284 — Model UN: The Art of Politicking (domestic travel course)

Immersive Term 2023

  • Maggie McComas

    "I learned I am capable of a lot more than I originally thought. I learned I was able to be independent and make it somewhere where I didn’t even know the language.” - Rome 2019, Japan 2020 - Maggie McComas '22

  • Andrew Montgomery

    It made me feel liberated to tackle new adventures and know that there is more to the world than what I had known previously." - Greece 2020 - Andrew Montgomery '22