Immersive Term

Students in front of art museum in Brazil

Experience an Immersive Term at Franklin College

Students at Franklin College may find that they spend the month of January a little differently than their friends at other colleges and universities.

Rather than beginning a full second-semester course load directly after the winter holiday break, students at Franklin College enroll in one Immersive Term course that lasts only the month of January. There are many exciting options available for students to choose from including non-traditional classes, internship experiences and study-away opportunities.

Non-Traditional Classes

Students must take a minimum of two Immersive Term classes prior to their graduation. Previous classes have focused on such topics as leadership development, the life of Ben Franklin, Harry Potter and Alfred Hitchcock films. Freshmen will be able to choose from a variety of courses on contemporary issues taught by teams of faculty members from a variety of academic departments.


Serving in an internship is a practical and valuable way that many students decide to spend their Immersive Terms. Franklin College faculty and staff help students search for internships as well as provide tips on how to land the position. Approximately 95 percent of students complete at least one internship prior to their graduation.

Travel Opportunities

Franklin College offers a variety of faculty-led Immersive Term Study Away Courses for students. Immersive Term Study Away courses are an exciting part of the Franklin College curriculum. These courses are academically rigorous courses in locations around the world. Students have the opportunity to learn about different subjects in a variety of worldwide locations. Locations vary by year, but in the past have included Costa Rica, England, Spain, France, and Uganda. Courses have covered different subject matter, including history, service-learning, languages, religion, architecture, sports, etc.

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Immersive Term 2020

  • Maggie McComas

    "I learned I am capable of a lot more than I originally thought. I learned I was able to be independent and make it somewhere where I didn’t even know the language.” - Rome 2019, Japan 2020 - Maggie McComas '22

  • Andrew Montgomery

    It made me feel liberated to tackle new adventures and know that there is more to the world than what I had known previously." - Greece 2020 - Andrew Montgomery '22