Hoover and Cline Halls

Hoover and Cline HallsConstructed in 1959, Cline Hall is currently the oldest residential facility on campus. When Hoover Hall was built in 1968, the two structures were united by an enclosed breezeway and a shared lobby space was created. Hoover and Cline Halls provide housing for male and female students,

Hoover HallCline Hall
Capacity:105 (Women = 44, Men = 61)Capacity:58 (Women = 29, Men = 29)
Design:Double occupancy rooms, 6 singles, 4 quads (basement)Design:Double occupancy rooms, 4 singles
Dimensions:Double -12’ x 13′ Single – 9’ x 13’ Quad – 24’ x 15’Dimensions:Double – 9’ x 15’ Single – 8’ x 15’
Amenities:Air conditioningAmenities:Classrooms on the ground floor
Kitchen areaAir conditioning
Computer portsKitchen area
Bunkable bedsComputer ports
Laundry room Bunkable beds
Laundry room