Running Start

High School Students Earn College Credits at Franklin College

Franklin College offers high school-aged students a unique opportunity to begin their college education on our campus. Through the “Running Start” program, qualified high school students can take first-year-level college courses in English, math, social and natural sciences, and humanities.

Running Start students will receive college credit for these classes, which may be applied toward a degree at Franklin or any other college or university that will accept the transfer credit. Convenient class times allow students to arrange Running Start courses around their high school schedules and activities.

2024-25 Running Start Program Details (PDF)

The Benefits of Running Start

Running Start allows you to get a “jump-start” on general education courses, which are required on most college campuses. You will get a valuable introduction to the college classroom. When you become a college first-year student, you will appreciate this exposure to the demands of college academics. The

Running Start Program allows you to “learn the ropes” of college before you undertake a full course load.

Many other colleges and universities will allow you to transfer Running Start courses for credit, thus allowing you to obtain additional majors or minors without worrying about the cost of extra semesters in school. Having credits that will transfer as a first-year student may also allow students to graduate early from college, thus alleviating the cost of an entire semester, or in some cases, an entire year.

How do I enroll?

First, complete the Running Start application online. Acceptance into the Running Start program requires evidence of academic success and potential as verified by a copy of your high school transcript and a recommendation from your high school guidance counselor, which you will request as part of the online application process. You should discuss with your counselor which course(s) to take and what time the course(s) would fit into your high school schedule.

If accepted into the program you will need to contact the Office of Academic Records to discuss course scheduling. The Office of Academic Records can be reached at 317.738.8019. For the best availability of courses, students should apply and register by June 1 for the fall semester (Aug.) and November 15 for the spring semester (Feb.).

Home-schooled students: please submit a transcript and portfolio detailing the courses you have completed and the grades received in those courses, any relevant standardized testing results, and a completed Running Start application to the office of admissions.

Apply for Running Start

What courses may I take?

Running Start students are eligible to take introductory appropriate courses. Students may enroll in up to two courses per semester. Most courses meet one of the general education requirements at Franklin and many courses are similarly required at other colleges and universities. Each semester’s course offerings can be viewed here. Or you can contact the Office of Academic Records at 317.738.8019 to see which courses are available for a given semester.

Are specific course placement tests required for Running Start?

Yes. If a student wishes to enroll in a math or foreign language course, the student must complete the appropriate online placement exam. Students will need their FC username and password to access the placement exams. For placement exam instructions contact the Office of Academic Records at 317.738.8019 or email Please e-mail or if you have any difficulties with the online exams.

When can I register?

Running Start students can register with the assistant registrar via phone or in person in the Office of Academic Records. Running Start students traditionally register after all other Franklin College registration groups. These dates vary from semester to semester; however, students are welcome to call the office for registration details. If you choose to register in person, please contact the Office of Academic Records at 317.738.8019 for a registration appointment.

What is the cost of the Running Start program?

Participating in the Running Start Program not only makes your high school transcript more competitive when applying to college and for scholarships, but may save you thousands of dollars. The cost of the Running Start program is $465 per course during fall and spring terms (maximum of two, 4-credit-hour courses per semester)*.  The rate for summer classes is $260 per credit hour. 

*Additional fees apply for lab science courses and courses more than 4 credit hours.