Launch Team

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Launch Team

Get ready to meet your personal panel of success advisers. Your Launch Team is a hand-selected group of four people dedicated to helping you succeed at Franklin College. You’ll meet with your Launch Team often to review your personal and academic goals as they create a network of support for you and guide you through the launch of your adult life. Your Launch Team includes:

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  • Your Academic Adviser is a faculty member who is here to challenge and inspire you as you define your academic goals, develop a four-year plan to achieve them and adjust that plan to match your goals and vision for the future.
  • Your First-Year Seminar Instructor already shares a passion with you; he or she has crafted a course around a topic that you get to select based on your own interests. On top of that, this person will get to know you deeply – both personally and academically – as you attend First-Year Seminar three times per week during fall semester.
  • Your Launch Mentor will – as a fellow student who’s been there – help you successfully transition to college. This person is here to answer tactical questions about homework, classes and college life, but will also spark deeper conversations about your life goals and passions and how you can manifest them on campus and in the community.
  • Your New Student Advocate facilitates the Launch Lab and will get to know other facets of you as you explore your strengths, passions and holistic wellbeing in a weekly lab that empowers your personal growth.

Let’s Talk

Your success is our priority and we are always willing and able to serve as a resource for you in whatever way we can.

If you have specific questions, contact the Center for Student Success at 317.738.8334 or email us at