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Professor sitting across the desk from studentProfessors Who Are on Your Side and in Your Corner

At Franklin College, professors are more than just instructors. We call them faculty advocates, but students often call them family.

All of our classes are taught by highly skilled professors, who are sincerely interested in not only your class grade but also your life beyond the classroom. They strive to create lifelong connections, promote critical thinking and foster personal growth in ways that will help students thrive in their post-college career and life.

Meet Our Faculty

Graduate Health Sciences


Chairs, Endowed Chairs and Awards

Department Chairs 2020-2021

Art – Svetlana Rakić

Athletic Training – Tiffany Franklin

Biology – Ben O’Neal

Chemistry and Physics – Arbin Thapaliya

Economics, Business and  Accounting – Steve Scheer

Education – Amy Schulz

English – George Phillips

Exercise Science – Kyra Noerr

History – Meredith Clark-Wiltz

Journalism –  Joel Cramer

Mathematics & Computing –  John Boardman

Modern Languages – Sara Colburn-Alsop

Music – Michael Black

Philosophy & Religion – Jim Alexander

Physician Assistant-Master – Tom Meehan

Political Science  – Randall Smith

Psychology – Jamie Bromley

Sociology – Jason Jimerson

Theatre – Robin Roberts

Endowed Chairs 2021

Professor Jim Alexander, Charles B. and Kathleen O. VanNuys Dean’s Fellow in Religious Studies

Dr. G. Daniel Callon, Leo T. and Leah Jackson Wolford Dean’s Fellow in Mathematics

Dr. Meredith Clark-Wiltz, Roger D. Branigin Chair in History

Dr. Sara Colburn-Alsop, Maurice V. and Rose S. Johnson Chair in the Humanities

Professor Joel Cramer, Eugene C. and Nina Mason Pulliam Chair in Journalism

Dr. Allison Fetter-Harrott, Elmon and Lucile Williams Chair in Law and Public Service

Professor Christopher Fleming, will oversee the Robert and Elizabeth Johnson Professor of Leadership

Dr. Kristin Flora, Roscoe W. Payne Chair in Philosophy and Psychology

Ryan Gunterman, Executive Director of Indiana High School Press Association (ISHPA)

Dr. Casey Hayes, A.J. Thurston Endowed Chair in Music

Professor Emily Jones, E. Don and Joyce Tull Chair in Business and Management

Professor John Krull, Centaur Chair in Journalism (formerly Ratcliff-Carson)

Dr. Steven Scheer, Edna B. Lacy Chair in Business and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Arbin Thapaliya will oversee the Mildred Mickel Hoover ’23 Dean’s Fellow in Chemistry

Professor Amber Yount, will oversee the Charles A. Deppe Endowed Chair in Biology


Awards listed for the last three years.

Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award

2020    Ali Fetter-Harrott, J.D., Ph.D.

2019    Randall Smith, Ph.D.

2018    David Cunningham, Ph.D.

Clifford and Paula Dietz Award for Faculty Excellence

2020    Gordon Strain

2019    Sarah Mordan-McCombs, Ph.D. 

2018    John Boardman, Ph.D. 

Faculty Steering Committee Distinguished Service Award

2020    Jessica Mahoney, MLS

2019    Kristin Flora, Ph.D.

2018    Jamie Bromley, Ph.D.

Faculty Excellence in Scholarship Award

2020    Casey J. Hayes, Ph.D

2019    Raymond Begovich, Ed.D.

2018    Callista Buchen


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  • Sophia Reynolds

    I could probably write a small book about all the faculty and staff at Franklin College who have gone above and beyond their required duties. I think Franklin’s faculty is what makes the Franklin College experience so special. They genuinely care about their students -- not just their academic success -- but helping them develop as people.” - Sophia Reynolds '20