Alumni Services

Your ability to use the resources in the Franklin College Office of Career Development does not end at your graduation. Career Development is available to help you in your post-college job searches and career changes. You may utilize the staff to review resumes and cover letters, learn about job openings and discover techniques to learn about switching careers. At colleges and universities across the country, evidence shows that one of the most valuable resources to students is the alumni. You can help our students in a variety of ways including:

  • Participate in a Career Development Alumni Advisory Group
  • Provide career/occupational advice for students via telephone or in-person interviews
  • Assist students in arranging internships and summer positions
  • Serve as the Franklin College contact for your company/employer
  • Visit campus for career panels and seminars
  • Recruit seniors for full-time employment

This is a fantastic way for alumni to assist students in reaching their career goals. Students can greatly benefit from your professional experiences in the work force. You can provide students with specifics about your line of work and the path you took to reach your current position. No one knows this information and can share it better than someone who has already been through it.