Greek Recruitment

Fall 2022 Recruitment

All fraternities and sororities on campus host a recruitment period in the Fall and Spring semesters. The recruitment process is the official process for joining a fraternity or sorority at Franklin College. The recruitment processes for fraternity and sororities are explained below.

Fraternity Recruitment

Fraternity recruitment takes place September 11-18, 2022. The Interfraternity Council hosts a semi-structured process. During the recruitment process membership offers, or “bids”, may be distributed any time in the academic year after the fourth week of classes. Each fraternity plans its own recruitment events and will distribute “bids” starting on September 18.

Any student interested in fraternity life should complete the Fraternity Recruitment Registration Form.

Anyone participating in the fraternity recruitment process should look for a chapter where they feel the most comfortable. Fraternity membership is a lifelong commitment. All  students are encouraged to attend recruitment events, but it is important to remember there is no obligation to join an organization after registering for fraternity recruitment. These events are a great way to meet a lot of new people and learn more about the organizations. All events are scheduled to be in-person this year.


Sorority Recruitment takes place September 8-11, 2022. The sororities at Franklin College use a formal recruitment process. During the formal recruitment process students are given the opportunity to visit with the sororities on campus and learn more about each of the organizations. During the parties students are given the opportunity to learn about the sisterhood and the philanthropy of the sororities. At the end of the parties membership offers, or “bids”are given to those that have participated in the recruitment process.  Recruitment Counselors (Rho Gammas) will be there to help throughout the recruitment process and event before. Rho Gammas are sorority women that disaffiliate from their organizations to help you find you home in the Greek community. They will help you navigate the recruitment process and will assist you with selecting a sorority that is best for you.  Any  student who plans to participate in sorority recruitment must sign up for Sorority Recruitment using the link below. There is a fifteen dollar ($15) registration fee to participate in the recruitment process. The fee is covers snacks during the recruitment process and an awesome t-shirt that is related to the theme for sorority recruitment. Sorority Recruitment Sign-Up Form

All  students are encouraged to participate in the sorority recruitment process. There is no obligation to join an organization at the end of the process and it is a great way to meet a lot of new people! All events are scheduled to be in-person this year. All events are scheduled to be in-person this year.

To learn more about Greek Life at Franklin College, our chapters and community, visit our Greek Life Guide Book.