Leadership Development at Franklin College

The Franklin College leadership program prepares students to lead in our society through practical experiences, specialized leadership courses, and co-curricular and community-based activities.

Classroom work is experiential, engaging, and emphasizes real-world activities. Students are offered opportunities to experiment, innovate, and reflect.

By participating in Franklin’s leadership program, you make your degree even more powerful. Students report that leadership classes give them an opportunity to earn higher starting salaries and move more quickly into professional leadership roles.


The leadership minor is an interdisciplinary program with class content from social sciences, communications, business, and non-profit studies as well as other disciplines. You can combine leadership studies with any Franklin College major.

Programming and Events

  • Be Like Ben – summer program for rising high school juniors and seniors
  • Glimpse the future in our growing maker lab
  • International dining experiences
  • Internships and practical leadership challenges
  • Hands-on learning activities, simulations, role-plays, and student-led activities

Leadership Johnson County – For more than 20 years, Leadership Johnson County (LJC) has educated and engaged professional members of the local community. Often, LJC graduates participate in the student learning experience in order to enhance students’ leadership and professional development.

  • Kayla Majors

    As a freshman, the most meaningful aspects of the leadership program thus far have been the class projects. I have learned a lot about leadership through classroom activities, but this learning does not compare to actually making something happen. In class, student teams have been challenged to brainstorm and decide on ideas and then design and execute a plan. I think major projects have been the source of my greatest learning because experiences truly help shape you as a leader. - Kayla Majors '19

  • Kayla Walker

    Leadership program is very hands-on, flexible, and engaging for all students. It provides students opportunities to engage with new and diverse cultures, events and people. I have been challenged by discussions, readings, case studies, theories, and examples of leadership. These experiences have reaffirmed my decision to minor in Leadership. - Kayla Walker '17