Pillar 4

Franklin Forward

Pillar 4

Pillar 4: Grow possibilities through powerful partnerships

How this pillar helps us attract/retain students

When we partner with successful people and organizations, we’re recognized as the place to be.


Goal 1

Grow and steward dynamic partnerships to enhance internship and experiential learning opportunities and encourage external advocacy for Franklin College

Goal 2

Expand Franklin College's impact and influence by intentionally and aggressively leveraging its geographic location and the potential of its real estate holdings.

Goal 3

Ignite awareness of and advocacy for today's Franklin College through focused volunteer support networks.

Why this is a priority.

For Goal 1

Institutions that intentionally expand their universe of stakeholders increase their capacity for future success. Whether through alliances for internships, student experiences, or the sharing of expertise, Franklin College realizes that what it needs to accomplish cannot be done alone. Focusing on powerful partnerships will elevate the academic experience, increase financial support, and boost advocacy for Franklin College.

For Goal 2

Truly distinctive opportunities exist for Franklin College as a result of its geographic location and the ownership of significant nearby property. Positioned in a prospering city and suburb of Indianapolis, the student experiences afforded by Franklin's location and assets are unmatched in the region. Franklin College is Indianapolis's liberal arts college; greater emphasis here will allow us to own it, increase awareness, and inspire an unequaled student experience.

For Goal 3

Franklin College must increase its capacity by engaging and activating its stakeholders, both internal and external. Reinvigorating and strengthening relationships with alumni and friends will allow the campus to harness the power of greater advocacy and exposure. Telling the powerful story of today's Franklin College through engaged volunteers is the great potential of this strategic plan.