Board of Trustees

The Franklin College Board of Trustees includes a maximum of 40 elected voting members, each serving a three-year term. The board’s primary roles include authority and responsibility for establishing the character, purpose and policies of the College, instituting and supporting fundraising efforts, establishing and reviewing educational programs, approving academic degrees and establishing the College’s annual budget. In addition, the board authorizes construction of new buildings and renovations on existing facilities, changes in tuition and fees, purchases of land, buildings and major equipment, and faculty-tenure appointments. All members serve on working committees in support of these areas, and there is a board chair who serves as primary liaison to the College president.

Franklin College Board of Trustees 2023-24

Jon S. Almeras (FC ’92)
Airlines for America
Washington, DC

Devin D. Anderson (FC ’86)
E & A Companies
Indianapolis, IN

John W. Auld, Jr. (FC ’76)
Franklin Insurance Agency
Franklin, IN

Todd Bemis (FC ’84)
Bemis Group
Bargersville, IN

Ronald R. Bowsher, Ph.D.
B2S Life Sciences
Indianapolis, IN

Robert B. Brown
Brickell Biotech, Inc. (Retired)
Carmel, IN

David R. Byers
United Airlines
Franklin, IN

Peter T. Cangany, Jr. (FC ’80)
Ernst & Young LLP (Retired)
Bellevue, WA

William E. Cox (FC ’81)
The Triskele Group
Greenfield, IN

Kevin D. Crowe (FC ’90)
State Farm Insurance
Smyrna, GA

Robert A. DeVoss (FC ’69)
Retirement Management, Inc.  (Retired)
Carmel, IN

Susan Johnson DeVoss (FC ’65)
(FC Hon. DHum. ’14)
Chase Manhattan Bank, NY (Retired)
Fort Wayne, IN

Billie Dragoo (FC LHD ’21)
Indianapolis, IN

James V. Due (FC ’82)
Northern Trust
Indianapolis, IN

David H. Dunkle, M.D., M.B.A. (FC ’94)
Johnson Memorial Health
Greenwood, IN

Cathy S. Dunn
Dunn & Associates Benefit Administrators, Inc.
Columbus, IN

Amber Elwood (FC ’99)
Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (Retired)
Columbus, IN

Julie Gilmore, Ph.D. (FC ’93)
Eli Lilly and Company
Indianapolis, IN

Daniel P. Hann
Biomet, Inc.  (Retired)
Leesburg, IN

Deana Haworth (FC ’99)
Indianapolis, IN

Worthe S. Holt, Jr. MD, MMM
(Military title:  Major General Ret.)
Wellvana Health
Fishers, IN

Katharine M. Kruse
Mothershead Foundation
Indianapolis, IN

James T. Napolitan, Ph.D.
(FC Hon. D.Sc. ’12)
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Chicago, IL

Bradley A. Rateike (FC ’02)
BAR Communications
Indianapolis, IN

Illene Roggensack (FC ’82)
Third Sector Innovations
Littleton, CO

Kristin St. Pierre (FC ’96)
Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Service
Greenwood, IN

Rafael S. Sánchez, Jr. (FC ’92)
Fox 59/CBS4
Franklin, IN

John R. Talley
ProLiance Holdings (Retired)
Franklin, IN

Sean G. Thomasson
Thomasson, Thomasson, Long and Guthrie
Columbus, IN

David W. Wantz, Ed.D.
Independent Colleges of Indiana (Retired)
Indianapolis, IN

Yolanda S. White (FC ’92)
Eli Lilly and Company
Indianapolis, IN

Susan Williams (FC ’67)
Indiana Sports Corporation (Retired)
Indianapolis, IN

Theressa J. Wright, M.D. (FC ’72)
Eli Lilly and Company  (Retired)
Indianapolis, IN




Franklin College Trustees Emeriti 2023-24

William R. Brown (FC ’61)
American United Life Insurance
One America Financial Partners, Inc.(Retired)
Indianapolis, IN

Christine S. Fields (FC ’74)
(Hon. D.Laws ’19)
Eli Lilly and Company (Retired)
Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Stephen L. Huddleston (FC Hon. D.Laws ’06)
Huddleston and Huddleston
Franklin, IN

Michael W. O’Dell, M.D. (FC ’81)
Weill Cornell Medical Center
New York, NY

John Dwight Peterson
(FC Hon. D.H.L. ’17)
City Securities Corporation (Retired)
Zionsville, IN

Philip L. Powell  (FC ’73)
Allied Technologies Food Equipment, Inc.  (Retired)
Greenwood, IN

William J. Receveur III (FC ’72)
Realm Construction Co., Inc.
Louisville, KY

Jane (Burns) Hoffmeister Repp (FC ’60)
Naples, FL

Dr. Douglas L. Tillman (FC ’70)
(Hon. D.Laws ’20)
Eli Lilly and Company (Retired)
Indianapolis, IN

T. Randall Tucker (FC ’53)
Cummins Engine Co.  (Retired)
Columbus, IN

Carol S. Tumey (FC ’63)
Center Grove High School (retired)
Greenwood, IN