Pillar 1

Franklin Forward

Pillar 1

Pillar 1: Advance a curriculum and experiences that launch lives

How this pillar helps us attract/retain students

At Franklin College, we blend liberal arts thinking with career-ready skills.


Goal 1

Position Franklin College as an innovative and exciting leader for a curriculum that clearly helps students achieve their educational and post-graduate goals.

Goal 2

Enhance Franklin College's academic offerings by adding skills-based opportunities for all students.

Goal 3

Strengthen and expand Franklin College's graduate programs.

Why this is a priority.

For Goal 1

The curriculum is the core of the academic experience, and Franklin College has an opportunity to innovate in ways that will speak to changing student interests and demands while maintaining its outstanding liberal arts foundation. Building curricular offerings that demonstrate the inherent flexibility offered here will energize the people and programs that make Franklin College special.

For Goal 2

The long-term outcomes of a liberal arts education are well known, but the pressure to enhance the traditional strengths of critical and creative thinking, collaboration and leadership, and flexibility continues to grow. Adding skills-based opportunities to the Franklin College curriculum gives graduates a competitive advantage and addresses what students need and employers want.

For Goal 3

Empowering students for impactful careers and meaningful lives doesn't stop at the undergraduate level. The addition of graduate programs has strengthened the Franklin College community in multiple ways. Expanding graduate programs through existing areas of academic strength maximizes the scope and reach of a Franklin College education, promotes enrollment growth, and enhances fiscal sustainability.