Pillar 2

Franklin Forward

Pillar 2

Pillar 2: Define and amplify the Franklin College story

How this pillar helps us attract/retain students

When we know who we are, we can help students find their way here.


Goal 1

Clearly define and broadly publicize the Franklin College brand, story, and vision through a multi-year, multi-faceted marketing and communications effort aimed at awareness, differentiation, and the value proposition.

Goal 2

Capture and consistently convey the remarkable Franklin College stories and imagery that exist through academic, co-curricular, and alumni experiences.

Goal 3

Engage internal and external advocates and equip them to amplify today's Franklin College story and vision.

Why this is a priority.

For Goal 1

Despite nearing its bicentennial and acclaim as the first co-educational college in Indiana, Franklin College is surprisingly unknown in Indiana and the greater Midwest. As the enrollment cliff approaches, the need to harness, articulate, and broadcast the advantages of this educational experience through a comprehensive and conveyable marketing and communications plan is timely and critical.

For Goal 2

Franklin College has remarkable stories to tell. Whether it's a research project, study abroad experience, or the achievements of an alumnus, the outcomes of this educational experience are so much greater than a diploma. Building a centralized and efficient way to secure and tell Franklin's dynamic stories will ignite investment, build pride, and bring the educational experience to life.

For Goal 3

The potential that exists through an amplified Franklin College story is boundless but relies on the engagement of all our constituents. Inspiring stakeholders to take an active role in sharing the accurate and visionary benefits of a Franklin College education is vital to our future success. Franklin needs everyone to loudly and proudly tell its stories of outcomes and inspiration.