Pillar 3

Franklin Forward

Pillar 3

Pillar 3: Strengthen community through a culture of care

How this pillar helps us attract/retain students

Culture is contagious, and students will feel the community from their first tour.


Goal 1

Increase campus morale through demonstrated appreciation of Franklin College's people.

Goal 2

Build a stronger sense of community and connection through intentional, campus-wide events.

Goal 3

Prioritize student persistence through enhanced support for increased and changing student needs.

Why this is a priority.

For Goal 1

The shifting landscape of higher education presents increasing challenges for institutions like Franklin College, but our resolve and belief in this type of education are unwavering. What happens on campus is a direct result of the special people who live and work here, and every opportunity to improve understanding, transparency, and trust is effort well spent. We must continue to support our people in ways that are meaningful to them.

For Goal 2

Campus culture is a shared experience and responsibility. "Community" is one of the top attributes that Franklin College values, and the care of our own people cannot be left to chance. Fostering ownership for and leadership in campus culture through inclusive events, training, and community-building activities strengthens the social fabric of Franklin and fosters a satisfying work experience.

For Goal 3

Students' needs are changing at a rapid pace, both inside and outside of the classroom. Franklin College's ability to address student needs from a holistic perspective is a critical component of student retention, and the future is likely to demand even greater flexibility. Franklin's vision of a vibrant, inclusive learning community requires the campus to meet students where they are. The entire community benefits from these efforts.