International Student Financial Information

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Tuition and Fees

Summer Direct Charges:

If you would like to take summer courses plan your schedule in advance with your academic adviser. It is unlikely you will be eligible for any financial aid during summer months. Costs vary based on the amount of credit hours for which you are registered. Up-to-date summer course costs can be found in the Academic Course Catalog.

Scholarship Information

Franklin College values diversity and the contributions that international students bring to their classrooms. For this reason, all admitted international students are offered a renewable scholarship up to $20,000 USD per year towards their education at Franklin. No additional application is required to qualify for this scholarship. Exchange and sponsored students do not qualify for this scholarship.

Financial Proof

All international students will be offered an initial scholarship package. Your package is not likely to increase during your four undergraduate years at Franklin College. To ensure that you are financially prepared to live in the USA during your program of study and any academic breaks, all international students are required to provide sufficient financial proof and complete the Statement of Financial Support Form.

Your submitted financial proof can include the following:

  • Bank statements indicating required currency amount in liquid asset form (cash deposits, certificates of deposit, savings accounts)
  • Investment statements indicating liquid assets (submissions need to include clear evidence of the funds liquidity and the cash surrender value)
  • Scholarship letters
  • Lines of credit
  • Governmental funding

Unacceptable Financial Documents include:

  • Chartered accountant statements
  • Payroll reports/expected income
  • Tax statements
Property assessments
  • Statements regarding property, jewelry, cars, and other non-liquid assets
  • Bank statements lacking currency amounts
  • Insurance policies
  • Other statements of non-liquid assets

If full or partial funding is coming from personal sources (for example, family or friends), and or scholarship agencies, more documentation is required. Please plan your financials accordingly prior to enrolling. Request specific details from your admissions counselor.