A Franklin College Liberal Arts Education

Why Liberal Arts Matter

A liberal arts education is much broader than simply training for a specific vocation. Instead, it gives you the freedom to dabble, create, explore and ultimately discover who you are and what you offer the world. Instead of siloing learning, a liberal arts education opens the door to possibility, teaching you how to be versatile and adaptable, how to pivot and pursue. Ultimately, a liberal arts education prepares you to thrive and succeed in an ever-evolving world.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Franklin

  1. Experience a you-shaped education. Benefit from small class sizes, passionate faculty advocates, and engaged learning. We’ve built a liberal arts curriculum designed around you, with enough flexibility for you to study what you love.
  2. Discover unlimited value. Liberal arts grads consistently report higher life satisfaction and financial success. In fact, recent statistics find that liberal arts graduates are more likely to be leaders, lifelong learners, altruistic and personally fulfilled.
  3. Prepare for tomorrow: Franklin gives you a comprehensive foundation for what’s next — whether it’s grad school or a satisfying career. In the job market, a liberal arts degree is incredibly valuable to employers and recent reports find that liberal arts grads are both living well and achieving financial success.
  4. Deepen your sense of self. From study abroad trips to engaging seminars to substantial mentorship, Franklin helps you find your place in the world. You’ll make friends for life and participate in sports, clubs, Greek life, and community engagement.
  5. Network and connect. Our strong relationship partners with employers and industry leaders, professors and alumni helps you land the internships jobs you’re most excited about.

Options, Support and Success

Majors and Minors

With 50+ majors and 40 minors in 24 disciplines, you have the flexibility to customize your experience.

Faculty Advocates

Learn from professors who are personally rooting for you and invested in your success.

Student Outcomes

Discover how Franklin alumni are thriving after graduation.

  • Peighton Zebrowski '23

    I chose a liberal arts education because I wanted to be more of a well-rounded student and I wanted to expand my education beyond what I need to learn for my profession. My program prepares me academically because it allows me to get more of an insight to the career paths that I could potentially take.” - Peighton Zebrowski '23