Meet Larken Adams

The Perfect Mix: Meditation and Mentorship

Born in Fairland, Indiana, Larken Adams knew she wanted to attend Franklin College after high school, but the college’s proximity to her hometown was not the only aspect that excited her.

Larken Adams“I decided to come to Franklin because of the small, tight-knit community and how close to home it was. It made it easy to deal with homesickness as well as find a niche of people I could fit in with.” – Adams

The graphic design and art history major soon found that Franklin’s “tight-knit community” referred to more than just the student body. At Franklin, students inevitably cultivate close relationships with their professors as well.

“I am able to easily go to my professors with anything I need and am able to joke around with them on a friendly basis as well. Having these connections has made my academic experience much smoother and easier to navigate. I feel as though I have faculty members who can help me through any problem I encounter, and I can go to them for help almost any time.” – Adams

While advancing through Franklin’s art program, she grew close to Associate Professor of Fine Art David Cunningham, Ph.D. Their bond came in handy when as a junior Larken took ceramics, a class she wasn’t too excited about.

“Ceramics is a class where I was concerned going into it because I had never been interested or enjoyed 3D art, yet I can’t get enough of the course.” – Adams

Taught by Cunningham, the class proved to be more than just another dreaded requirement. With daily meditation sessions and soul-searching discussions, Cunningham’s unorthodox teaching style brought to life the tight-knit community feeling that attracted Larken to Franklin College.

“He really cares about his students and always starts the class off with something to help improve our character and skills, not just in ceramics, but for life in general. I’ve gained ways to help myself overcome fear and turn it into an ally of mine, enabling me to go beyond what I believe I am capable of.” – Adams

Cunningham’s genuine concern for his students beyond the classroom walls resonated with Larken. That kind of attention is not something she feels she could have found anywhere else.

“Franklin offers professors who will remember your name when you walk in the classroom. They care about us as individuals, and you can definitely see that in small-classroom settings.” – Adams

At Franklin, professors are more than teachers. They are your mentors, cheerleaders and friends.

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