Work-Study Program

Work-Study at Franklin College

The Federal Work-Study Program provides financial assistance to students through part-time campus employment. There are a variety of positions on campus and students gain valuable experience in the areas of career development, knowledge of the service environment, and opportunities for personal growth.

  1. Who is eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program? Eligibility is determined through the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Upon receiving their financial aid package, students will know whether or not they received a work-study award. The amount awarded is the maximum that can be earned through employment during the school year.
  2. What are federal and institutional requirements for the program? Supervisors for work-study positions are required to comply with federal laws in regards to equal-opportunity employment. Additional information on such procedures may be obtained from Franklin College Human Resources. Before a student can be employed in a campus position, the job vacancy must be posted online utilizing the “Work-study and On-Campus Employment” link available under the Student Financial Services section of MyFC. A job description with specified duties of the position must be included in the posting. Students interested in seeking campus employment may browse jobs available and complete applications online utilizing the “Work-study and On-Campus Employment” link available under the Student Financial Services section of MyFC. Students are then responsible for filling out the appropriate tax papers and work-study agreements with Student Financial Services.
  3. What are the conditions of employment? Starting pay for work-study positions is $7.25 per hour. Careful consideration should be given in terms of the number of hours a student works per week and how much they are earning monthly in comparison with their total award amount. Earnings beyond their work-study awarded amount will be deducted from departmental accounts. Paychecks are available in the business office for the previous month on the 15th of each month.
  4. What are the responsibilities of the supervisor? Supervisors are responsible for establishing a work schedule with the student for the semester. Upon starting, supervisors should orient new student employees to the department and office structure as well as the specific job responsibilities expected of them. Supervisors are responsible for keeping track of the hours worked by students and turning in their timesheets at the end of the month.

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