Meet Sophia Reynolds

The Mythical “Safe” Option

While most people recognize that art plays an integral role in any culture, becoming an art major is often likened to completing an expensive Starbucks application as opportunities for artistic, reliable jobs can be limited. Often, would-be artists are directed to choose a major where the income potential is more reliable.

Sophia Reynolds at graduation 2020However, senior Sophia Reynolds discovered that sometimes plunging headfirst into a risk is the practical option.

Creatively talented Sophia found herself drawn to Franklin College’s numerous artistic majors. But, at first, she entered college on a pre-veterinary biology track because she lacked the confidence to pursue a career in art. Though she enjoyed her science classes, Sophia couldn’t ignore that innate pull towards the arts.

Struggling to find her place, she explored a few majors and spoke with several advisors before discovering the perfect combination that altered her trajectory.

“I actually had a few academic advisors because I came into college on a pre-veterinary track with a second major in English. My final academic advisor, however, was David Cunningham who I can’t say enough good things about.” – Reynolds

Dr. Cunningham guided Sophia through more than class scheduling. He assured her that, though a veterinary career can feel like a more stable career option, that sense of safety won’t necessarily make you happy.  

“He’s the professor who actually convinced me I was good enough to be a graphic designer and to go for the degree I loved even if the path forward seemed more difficult. He is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met, and I hope will continue to be a lifelong friend.” – Reynolds

Cunningham was not the only professor whom Sophia, now a graphic design major, found influential. In fact, she realized that the Franklin College professors she encountered often shared a specific quality: the ability to be supportive.

“I could probably write a small book about all the faculty and staff at Franklin College who have gone above and beyond their required duties. I think Franklin’s faculty is what makes the Franklin College experience so special. They genuinely care about their students — not just their academic success — but helping them develop as people.” – Reynolds

Franklin College’s small size enables students to build strong relationships with teachers, whose experience can guide them to their perfect trajectory.

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