Bennie Patterson ’23

Perks of Launch Mentors: “It’s Like Being a Big Brother.”

What’s the scariest part of starting college? Is it the heavy class load, living apart from your family or the foreign social circles? Answer: all the above. Freshman year of college can be a tough transition for students. If only Franklin College students had a guide of some kind – a mentor, who could launch them into the right direction.

Enter Bennie Patterson, Franklin College Launch Mentor extraordinaire.

Franklin College recently revitalized its first-year program, called Launch, with exciting, impactful first-year seminars and mentors who understand what it’s like to be a freshman. These dedicated and friendly upperclassmen, dubbed Launch Mentors, help students adjust to college.

Bennie PattersonBennie already experienced freshman year and all its struggles. As a sophomore, he knows how important a relatable mentor can be, something he felt he lacked.

“I didn’t have the strongest relationship with my mentor coming into college. This person wasn’t as much as a friend as a teacher, or just another person reigning over me. When I saw my mentor outside class, you could kind of tell that this person didn’t feel like having a conversation.” – Patterson

Like any good public relations major, Bennie identified a problem and sought to solve it. He became a Launch Mentor and aspired to give new students a guaranteed source of support.

“I just wanted to be somebody that first years could come to and ask the questions without being sugarcoated or lied to. I am more open and always willing to talk to people whether I am having a good day or a bad day. I tell my mentees, ‘Listen, I am not a person of authority. I go to school with you. We’re friends. It’s like being a big brother.’ ” – Patterson

Coming from a big family in Anderson, IN, Bennie understands the importance of feeling like you have someone in your corner. In his opinion, Franklin College incorporates the most vital ingredient to a successful recipe: love.

“Franklin is a family. We’re more than just a campus.” – Patterson

At Franklin College, we see you. We know you. We care.

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