Coronavirus Update – August 17, 2020

Dear Franklin College Community,

Part of our Return to Campus plan includes an expectation to monitor your health on a daily basis.  We are implementing a simple app that you can download on your phone or access from the web to log how you are feeling each day.  The app is called Campus Clear and it will be available for download from the Apple and Google Play stores.  All students, faculty, and staff will record any relevant symptoms each day via Campus Clear to contribute to creating a culture of awareness and social responsibility.  You can see below an example of what the platform will look like when you access it each day.  Recording your symptoms will be as simple as accessing the application (via smart phone, laptop, or other device) and clicking the appropriate button(s).  There may be days where multiple answers apply to how you feel and that is ok.  Please select all answers that apply.

Campus Clear reporting app

Once you’ve indicated the appropriate response, you will receive instructions on next steps.  An indication of particular symptoms will result in receiving instructions to call the campus nurse, information on local testing sites, or other appropriate interventions.  Please bear in mind that this application is intended to be educational and not diagnostic, and does not replace medical attention by a health care provider.

Your results screen will be used as you navigate campus to demonstrate that you have completed symptom tracking and are eligible to attend class and participate in campus events.  If you do not have a smart phone or other mobile device that supports the Campus Clear app, please contact (students) or (faculty/staff)

This process is not intended to be intrusive or onerous.  Information will be shared with and tracked by only those with a defined need to know.  Franklin College wants to support each of our community members during this pandemic and we need this information to provide the support and resources necessary to keep our community safe and healthy.  Our goal is to utilize the aggregated data we collect to make informed decisions about campus activities and to adjust our safety protocol as necessary.  Individual data collected will be tracked via a dashboard that is only accessible by the appropriate college administrators, e.g., College Nurse, Human Resources.  

We are finalizing the customization of the application; all campus constituents will receive additional information about how to access Campus Clear in the coming days.

Thank you for doing your part to help Fortify Franklin.

Best wishes,


Kerry N. Prather │ President
Franklin College
101 Branigin Boulevard, Franklin, Indiana  46131-2623 │ 317.738.8010