Meet Quenton Wellington

Student or Athlete: Why Not Both?

It’s no secret that many prospective college students are interested in pursuing athletics during their years of higher learning. However, many worry about if they can balance life as both a student and an athlete. Could they really be successful at both? Well, thanks to Franklin College’s supportive faculty and staff, senior Quenton Wellington found that life as a thriving student athlete is more than just doable.

“My first semester of college was tough. I was the definition of a freshman, just coming here and meeting a lot of new people, great people. I joined the baseball team, but my grades just weren’t there yet. I didn’t think classwork was for me, and I just kind of messed around the first semester. But now I go by a schedule that just keeps me on a pace that keeps me toward graduation and getting a job.” – Wellington

Though the baseball player felt disheartened with his grades, he was far from hopeless. With help from his professor Jason Jimerson, Ph.D., the two created a personalized schedule to help Quenton pass his first semester. Then they worked on a four-year plan that would allow flexibility with his baseball schedule and the ability to fulfill his requirements as a sociology major.

Over the next few semesters, Quenton refined his time management skills, a strength that came in handy as the Franklin College men’s baseball team travelled to regionals during a particularly busy time of the school year.

“My sophomore year and junior year we went to regionals for baseball, hosted in other states. This was conflicting with second semester finals schedules. So, we would go down there, play, and try to get to the next tournament, but we also had to take finals down there. It was just hard being able to be on a plane, all your buddies are on the plane with you, and we knew we were going to have a good time being able to play. I had to know that I had an amount of time set to the side to do the work, then I could have all the fun I want.” – Wellington

The life of a student athlete takes time, dedication and a lot of hard work, but you won’t do it alone. Franklin College faculty will be your cheerleaders so you can succeed on and off the field. At Franklin College, we reach our goals faster when we work together.

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