Meet MacKenzie Taylor

A Change in Plans: Embracing New Paths at Franklin College

Some new students enter Franklin College with their future decided, while others have barely chosen their majors. Luckily, Franklin’s diverse liberal arts curriculum allows all its students to experience numerous disciplines, even some they may have never considered for their career. Therefore, anyone may discover a hidden passion – much like Franklin College senior Mackenzie Taylor.

Growing up in Seymour, Indiana, Mackenzie determined her career path at a young age. She hoped to begin her career in schools, first as teacher, then moving into higher positions before becoming a member of Indiana’s Department of Education. To aid in her goal, Mackenzie originally planned to major solely in elementary education.

MacKenzie TaylorHowever, her exposure to other classes inspired Mackenzie to pick up a history major, a discipline she never thought would help her in professional aspirations. Even then, the double-major’s career plans would soon be further altered. During a trip with her public history class, a professional development opportunity, Mackenzie scored a career-altering internship.

“Last summer, I had an internship at the Indiana Historical Society in their education department. It really showed me how much education can go on in our community, and not just in our schools. Now, I might want to do something more along those lines. I know I still want to be a teacher, but maybe diverge a little off the strict ‘teacher-principal-superintendent’ path. The internship exposed me to a truer passion of mine, and that is embracing the community aspect of education.” – Taylor

This shift in perspective reflects the experiences of many Franklin College students. Franklin commits itself to helping students discover their true passions through diverse experiences, even if the students believe they have already figured out their lives.

“Since Franklin is a liberal arts school, I see college as less of a straight line to my intended career, but more of a way to broaden my horizons. Franklin College has taught me not everything goes according to plan, but everything still happens for a reason.” – Taylor

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