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More Than a One-Trick Pony: Franklin College’s Advocates from Across Departments

One important aspect of the college search is checking out a college’s department for your prospective major. Usually, you will spend most, if not all, your time with professors from your department. However, thanks to Franklin College’s liberal arts curriculum, you can also form a bond with professors outside your major, and they could be the perfect people to help you receive different opportunities, as Franklin College sophomore Landon Tak can tell you.

“I haven’t had a bad experience with a professor at Franklin. I use office hours regularly with all my teachers. They always seem willing to help.” – Tak

Majoring in biology, most of Landon’s exposure to Franklin College faculty is concentrated around his department, and, predictably, they have been more than willing to give the Greenville, IN, native opportunities to grow in and outside the classroom. Biology faculty member Amber Young, Ph.D., has been particularly helpful to Landon.

“Dr. Young has advocated for me a lot for scholarships through the school, and she just helped me get funds for a research project we did over the summer. She wrote a great recommendation letter for me that was sent through the school. Every time I ask her for something, she is right on it. She will go out of her way, take time out of her day, just to do whatever I need.” – Tak

The liberal arts requirements for all students to take a few writing courses allowed the men’s soccer team player to meet Jennifer Smith, Ph.D. Landon’s writing clearly made an impression on the English professor, who recommended that he apply to the Write Place, the college’s writing center.

“Dr. Smith emailed me and said the Write Place was looking to add more diverse students outside of the English department. She recommended me to Dr. Phillips, and he sent me the application. I applied and got in. I never thought of myself as a great writer but having Dr. Smith told me that she recommended me gave me more confidence that I was a good writer.” – Tak

At Franklin, we don’t just find one path forward, we forge many. Visit Franklin and meet the people who will help you see your talents outside your comfort zone.

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