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Leaving your mark: How a memorial set one student’s passions in stone

Franklin College’s small community prides itself on its dedicated professors – a group of educators devoted to highlighting all their students’ unique strengths. However, not every student is accustomed to receiving such individual attention and is often shocked at the lengths Franklin College professors will go to help their students succeed. Franklin College junior Kaylee Seabolt is one of those students.

“Coming from that kind of stereotypical small-town school that tended to favor certain types of kids, I sometimes felt ignored by my high school teachers, so it was almost a culture shock to come to Franklin and have professors show, not only a vested interest in me but a belief that I can succeed. They really made me feel like I matter here.” – Seabolt

One professor, in particular, showed the history major how much Kaylee could help shape the college thanks to an important research project.

“Dr. Clark-Wiltz came to me after class and asked if I had I had a few minutes to talk. Of course, I immediately thought I was in trouble. But I met with her, and she told me about this research project about a past alumnus here at Franklin College named Norman Vandivier, who graduated in 1938, which was right around the outbreak of World War II, and joined the Naval Airforce.” – Seabolt

Kaylee SeaboltPartnered with Noah Dahlquist ’19, the Women’s Chorus member spent months researching Franklin College’s war-hero alumnus, and her hard work paid off when her contributions helped create a memorial for Norman Vandivier on the college’s campus.

“It was an amazing opportunity to learn about his life here and after Franklin College, and we got to compile that information together for a public monument dedicated to him in Grizzly Park.” – Seabolt

Kaylee and her partner’s contributions will have a lasting impact on Franklin College and people from all over the community will be able to visit Vandivier’s bench in the college’s athletic complex.

Of course, the humble student feels honored that her professor chose her to be a part of such a significant project. Kaylee is also grateful to Meredith Clark-Wiltz, Ph.D., for helping the history major solidify her passion and her place at Franklin College.

“Dr. Clark-Wiltz really showed me that I am at the right place, doing the right thing, and I don’t think I’ve ever had that kind of validation before I came to Franklin.” – Seabolt

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