Meet Grace Esterline

Discovering New Passions: Benefits of a
Liberal Arts Curriculum

Let’s be honest: prerequisites aren’t always the most exciting classes. They can be especially dull when they seemingly have no benefits for your specific major. As an accounting major, why would you need to analyze literature? Fortunately, Franklin College junior Grace Esterline learned to never judge a class by its title.

Like all Franklin College students, Grace needed to take LA 201, a class dedicated to analyzing and writing about literature. The Brownsburg native admits that, though she enjoys reading, writing is not one of her favorite pastimes. To make matters worse, the class was early. However, one professor’s dedication to the class skyrocketed her enthusiasm.

“My LA 201 class was actually one of my favorite classes. I had it with Dr. Phillips. Admittedly, I don’t really like writing, but he made me really enjoy reading and analyzing literature. It was an 8 a.m. class, and I always hated going to my 8 a.m. classes. But I looked forward to his class.” – Esterline

Grace Esterline on walking trackThe preparation George Phillips, Ph.D., put into maintaining engaging discussions about literature appealed to Grace’s existing interests and allowed her to discover new ones.

As an accounting and Spanish double major, Grace reveled in the opportunity to exercise a new skill, helping to break up the monotony of focusing on her majors. She also is grateful to Franklin’s liberal arts curriculum for giving her the chance to work in different fields.

“I always liked reading and forming my own opinions about stuff, but in LA 201 you really dig into analyzing literature. I had never really done that before, and I really enjoyed it. LA 201 was a time where I got to use my brain in a different way than an accountant would usually. The class helped me think more dynamically.” – Esterline

At Franklin, our students are more than just well-rounded. They’re equipped with unique skill sets that empower them to work outside their comfort zones. College should be more than just working towards your major. College should help you work towards a better future.

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