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Ramen: College’s Rite of Passage Done Right

Ramen noodles are the classic college meal. After all, ramen noodles earned their popularity because they’re easy to prepare and cost-effective: you can buy a cup for about 35 cents at Walmart. However, the popular noodles can also be accompanied by a sense of dread for incoming college students. Trading in their parents’ home-cooked lasagna for microwaved noodles is not the most appetizing deal.

Luckily, Franklin College is ready to quell all freshman fears – even culinary ones.

Becca McKinleyFranklin College student Elliot McKinley worried about cooking for themself. So, when they saw PIVOT offered sessions called 1001 Ways to Cook Ramen, the English/creative writing major aspired to leave their baking blunders behind.

“Cooking has always been something I struggled with, but working with other people in the course to make egg rolls, tacos and stir fry was something I genuinely enjoyed that taught me some cooking skills.” – McKinley

Franklin offers hands-on PIVOT workshops to students between Winter Term and Spring Term. For a few days, students have the opportunity to master almost any new skill they want.

Looking for something practical? Learn how to file taxes.

Want to pick up a new hobby? Become a poker genius.

Interested in not eating the same chicken ramen for four years straight? 1001 Ways to Cook Ramen helped Becca cook with the best of them.

“PIVOT was an experience where I did a lot of hands-on learning, and I thought it was a great way to teach us students some valuable life skills in a fun environment. The course so much fun, and we learned how to make a lot of good food on a budget.” – McKinley

The class taught students more than how to revolutionize ramen recipes. 1001 Ways to Cook Ramen also showcased how you can maintain a meager college-student budget and still make delicious meals.

“The course emphasized that you can cook good food even if you don’t have a lot of money, which I thought was a great lesson to take away as a college student.” – McKinley

Franklin College knows 90 percent of the college experience happens outside the classroom. We’ve cultivated a curriculum that won’t just teach you how to write a history paper. It will prepare you to survive all facets of life – including how to make an amazing cup of microwave ramen.

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