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A How-To in Making Your College Years Count

We all know about the importance of a college education in today’s job market. However, students may find classroom work isn’t quite enough to write a competitive résumé. Luckily, Franklin College junior Amari Thompson knows a thing or two about making your college career count.

Even from a young age, the Avon-native knew she was going to attend college.

“When I was young, my impression of college was that it was something I had to do. My mom always instilled in me that I was going to college. So, at a young age, I was always told that education was key. Especially for me being African American, and people not always having the opportunity to go to college, my mom wanted to make sure that I went to college to get my education.” – Thompson

However, Amari stands as a perfect testament that your education is more than just sitting through lectures. Combining her ambition with help from numerous Franklin College professors, the former president of the Black Student Union works tirelessly to gain real-life experience and better prepare herself for the job market. Luckily, her efforts paid off when the political science major acquired an internship with a prominent political figure.

“I interned for former US Senator Joe Donnelly. I got to work basically side-by-side with him. Every year, Indiana Black Expo comes around, and it’s a pretty big deal in the office because they nominate and elect an intern to represent Indiana Black Expo on behalf of the senator. That means that the booth has to look right and the senator is going to be there, so you’re working around his schedule and all the different aspects of this project. And Senator Donnelly nominated me. So, I was the Indiana Black Expo Project Manager and that had me running around the office the whole summer. But it was worth it just to see his face when he saw his booth — there were no complaints.” – Thompson

Franklin College’s liberal arts curriculum emphasizes learning outside the classroom, so all students are required to have at least one internship before they graduate. However, the college encourages students to do more than the minimum, something Amari has found invaluable in her experience here.

“Franklin has changed me because I have had opportunities here that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. I am happy to say that as a junior, I’ve already completed four internships.” – Thompson

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