Meet Addie Smith

Growing Up at College

Life moves fast. Within months you transform from being a high school kid whose biggest worry is Friday’s chemistry test to a full-blown college student wrestling with a career choice that will provide for you for the rest of your life.

Addie Smith, a junior at Franklin College, worried about college, fearing the impending adult responsibilities that came with her life’s new chapter.

Addie Smith“When I was young, I think my impression of college was that anyone who was in college was officially an adult. I also definitely thought that college just turned you into an absolute expert about the field you studied.” – Smith

Addie quickly discovered that you don’t feel any more grown-up in college than you did in high school. But maybe, she thinks, that’s not what college is about.

“I’m in college now, and I still don’t feel like an adult or an expert in my field. I really think that college is actually just a learning curve. It’s a place where you can discover yourself and your true interests, so you’re actually just beginning to learn. I think you truly become an ‘expert’ after years of experience in the actual field.” – Smith

Franklin College prepares its students for the real world with a calm guiding hand. The college encourages its students to discuss those intimidating topics, like career choices, with their advisors, which Addie found was paramount to her continued effort to “adult” correctly.

“I had a meeting with my advisor [David Cunningham, Ph.D.] this year and we had a conversation that has really helped me figure out what kind of career I want to have. We discussed what all should go into an ideal career, including what you’re good at, what’s good for the community, what you love and what makes money. We discussed how I have been dancing around this circle of things, but I haven’t found anything that has matched all of those components. That discussion has really pushed me to search for something better for myself.” – Smith

Though still not decided on a career, the graphic design, art history, and ceramics triple major feels more confident and comfortable than ever to try.

Franklin knows the college years can be an intimidating time for students. Luckily, faculty members are here to help carry the burden and make “adulting” a bit more manageable.

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