Armani Christopher ’23

Preparing for Adulthood at Franklin College

In every coming-of-age story, the main character grapples with impending adulthood. The heavy pressure to grow up, get a job and start a life drags them into a deep contemplative pit. To lighten the load, the protagonist often connects with a wise adult, who provides the sage advice needed to help them start their climb up.

Armani ChristopherSometimes life imitates art. For our coming-of-age story, our protagonist, Armani Christopher, stumbled across his mentor during a class trip to the local nursing home.

“For my FYS class, we went to the Morning Pointe in Franklin. And I got to meet this awesome guy named Dick, who taught me lots of life lessons. He definitely gave me some nuggets on what to do and how to succeed.” – Christopher

A fledgling college student, Armani struggled to adjust to the pressures of post-high-school life. Juggling schoolwork and football, the exercise science major may have fumbled a test or two. Fortunately, his new friend held the key to college enlightenment.

“He said, ‘Learn how to balance pleasure and work. Just have fun and enjoy life.’ And then, for actual serious business, like school and studying, and he told me not be too hard on myself. He told me I’m human, and that everything’s not perfect.” – Christopher

Of course, Dick’s advice stretches beyond college. Armani knows he will use these tips as he climbs the ladder to becoming a full-fledged adult.

While Dick guided him in the right direction, Armani appreciates Franklin College for putting him in the position to meet his mentor. He learned life lessons from Dick that he wouldn’t learn in a classroom.

“You get to meet different people, especially older than you. I remember it more and, and I’m able to compare it to another situation in my life that may happen in the future.” – Christopher

With countless student organizations and other engaging opportunities, Franklin prioritizes its students’ ability to develop diverse interpersonal skills. Which is why Armani feels confident in advancing up the next rung to adulthood — the workforce.

“Franklin has definitely prepared me for the workplace as far as being confident in what I want to do. Being able to go in any situation and realize that things aren’t always perfect, and me meeting so many people from different backgrounds, I’m really confident I can go in any room and gel with anyone.” – Christopher