Sam Loyd ’21

Finding Purpose at Franklin

Many students leave college with the same question they entered with: what am I going to do with my life? Choosing a career path is hard, especially when you spend most of your college experience in classrooms learning about your chosen career rather than experiencing your path first-hand.

However, Franklin College alum Samantha Loyd already discovered her lifelong passion, thanks to FC’s distinctive commitment to education outside the classroom.

Sam LoydFor Sam, the chance to intern at Shelbyville High School played a major role in her career goals. The English and history double-major aspires to become a teacher after college, but the Indianapolis native knew she needed to confirm that her dream field was right for her.

“I think it’s definitely important to know early on in college whether or not you like teaching. If you get to your second semester of senior year and you start student teaching and you feel like, ‘I can’t do this,’ that’s four years you’ve been preparing for a career that you no longer want to do.” – Loyd

Luckily for the Black Student Union’s treasurer, Sam’s month-long teaching internship proved to be everything she wanted and more. Even though she experienced a few trials, Sam believes this hands-on experience was essential.

“My cooperating teacher was actually out for three of the four last days I was there, so I was teaching all the content by myself. I think I learned more about teaching in those three days than in any other class about teaching that I’ve taken ever.” – Loyd

Sam’s immersive experience is not unique to the Franklin College Department of Education; students of all majors are required to have at least one internship to graduate, but the college encourages students to take every opportunity to have hands-on experiences. The chance to participate in your career path is an integral part of the Franklin College experience as, according to Sam, “Hands-on experiences make sure that you’re on the path where you can maximize your potential.” – Loyd

Be like Sam. Discover your passions and relentlessly pursue them at Franklin College.