Admissions and Policies

Admission to the Master of Science Athletic Training (MSAT) Program

Applications for the cohort of students to begin in July 2019 are being accepted through the Athletic Training Central Application System (ATCAS). Apply Here. ATCAS is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox 40.0.3 (the latest version).

Early Decision Admission:

The application deadline for Early Decisions is January 1. Following the deadline for early admission the selection committee will evaluate and rate each applicant. Once applicant files have been reviewed, selected applicants will receive an invitation into the program. Candidates not accepted into the MSAT will receive notification from Franklin College through the ATCAS.

Rolling Admission:

We will continue to accept and review applications on a rolling basis until all seats have been filled with qualified students. Selected applicants will receive an invitation into the program. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit application materials as soon as possible.

Application Requirements:

Admission to the MSAT is highly competitive and applicants will be ranked on the following admission requirements.
Please Note – fulfillment of all application requirements does not guarantee acceptance. 

  • Completed ATCAS application
  • Evidence of a C or higher in the following prerequisites courses (within the past 7 years). Please note, if you are unsure whether a course counts for a prerequisite, contact us and we will provide further guidance:
    • Anatomy and Physiology with labs
    • An Exercise Science or Kinesiology course
    • Nutrition
    • A Community or Personal Health or Wellness course
    • General or Health-related Psychology
    • Statistics or Research Methods
  • Please note, for students applying July 1, 2020 and later, evidence of a C or higher in the following prerequisites courses (within the past 7 years) will be required:
    • Anatomy
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Nutrition
    • Physics
    • Physiology
    • Psychology
    • Statistics or Research Methods
  • Completion of a minimum of 50 hours of observation under the direct supervision of an athletic trainer; Submit to “Observation Hours” directly on ATCAS.
  • Copy of current Emergency Cardiac Care fulfilled by CPR for the professional rescuer or BLS healthcare provider certification; Submit to “Licenses and Certifications” directly on ATCAS
  • Verification the Student Health Record, including a physical examination and evidence of current immunizations with HBV and TB information can be completed prior to the start of summer term coursework
  • Verification the MSAT program’s Technical Standards for Admission can be met
  • Verification you have read and understand the MSAT Communicable Disease Policy
  • Completion of program specific questions
  • Personal Statement
  • Current resume
  • Two letters of recommendation/evaluations; One from a faculty member and one from an athletic trainer, physician, or other healthcare provider
  • The committee reserves the right to interview each applicant via Skype or phone on a case-by-case basis
  • If accepted, International students may be required to submit testing scores. Please visit the Franklin College International applicants website for details on acceptable tests and scores.

*Please note, in order for your application to be verified you MUST have a copy of your official transcript sent directly to ATCAS at the following address:

ATCAS Transcript Verification Department
P.O. Box 9132
Watertown, MA 02471

Transfer Policy

Transfer students with prior graduate-level athletic training education are evaluated on an individual basis. In direct consultation, the student and the MSAT Program Director develop a plan of study that builds on previous learning, addresses necessary content and skill requirements, and ensures the student’s complete incorporation into the program at the college. Transfer students are required to provide the MSAT program director with course descriptions and appropriately dated syllabi for all graduate-level athletic training specific courses prior to approval for transfer credit. Transfer students are held to all application requirements and must complete the application process through ATCAS. As per Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training (CAATE) requirements, students must be enrolled in a CAATE accredited professional-level master’s program for a minimum of two calendar years prior to graduation in order to meet graduation requirements. The MSAT Program reserves the right to request prospective transfer students participate in “placement testing” to determine their knowledge and skill in various athletic training domains of practice. Additionally, once admitted should deficiencies in skills or knowledge be determined by program faculty, transfer students may be required to audit courses where transfer credit was received, as part of a remediation plan.

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