Program Options

Two options are available for the MSAT:

  1. 3+2 program for entering first-year or potential undergraduate transfer students
  2. Two-year professional program for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree

Regardless of the program option, coursework specific to the MSAT is completed over one summer session followed by coursework over fall, winter, and spring semesters for two years. See the MSAT plan of study.

3+2 Program

The 3+2 (five years total) program is intended for entering first-year, transfer students or students who change majors early in their undergraduate education. During the first three years, each student will complete the MSAT program prerequisites and bachelor’s degree requirements for the major of their choice (exercise science is recommended). Upon acceptance into the graduate program, students will begin coursework for the MSAT during summer session prior to their fourth year. At the end of the student’s fourth year, he or she will receive a bachelor’s degree. At the end of successful completion of the fifth year, each student will earn a Master of Science in Athletic Training degree.

Two-Year Professional Program

The two-year program is intended for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and have completed required prerequisite courses for the MSAT program. This program is appropriate for college graduates who may want to change careers; those students who decided athletic training as a career option late in their undergraduate studies; or those who did not have time during their undergraduate years to major in athletic training.

Program Features

The MSAT program is a comprehensive curriculum designed to integrate formal and rigorous classroom instruction with clinical educational experiences in a variety of allied healthcare settings. The program features:

  • Classroom experience focused on practical skills, collaboration, and enhancing critical thinking abilities
  • Accessible faculty and staff with diverse research and clinical experience
  • Accelerated coursework that allows more flexibility for clinical experience
  • Enhanced learning through a variety of clinical education experiences
  • Advanced educational experiences with research and evidence-based medicine incorporated throughout the curriculum

Did You Know?

Did you know young professionals in athletic training are experiencing the greatest increase in salary — more than 12% growth in the past several years.