Program Options

Four options are available for the MSAT.

Accelerated 3+2 Program

The accelerated 3+2 (five years total) program is intended for entering first-year Franklin College students, transfer students or students who change majors early in their undergraduate education. During the first three years, students will complete the MSAT program prerequisites and bachelor’s degree requirements for the major of their choice (exercise science or psychology are recommended). Upon acceptance into the graduate program, students will begin coursework for the MSAT during summer session prior to their fourth year. At the end of the fourth year, students will receive a bachelor’s degree. At the end of successful completion of the fifth year, students will earn a Master of Science in Athletic Training degree.

Traditional 4+2 Option

The 4+2 program is intended for students who change their major later in their undergraduate education, transfer students or students who are interested in spreading out their undergraduate classes. Students will complete required major and prerequisite courses for the MSAT program within the traditional four years of undergraduate education and earn their bachelor’s degree. Upon acceptance into the graduate program, students will complete two years of graduate classes and earn a Master of Science in Athletic Training.

Two-Year Professional Program

The two-year MSAT program is intended for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and have completed required prerequisite courses for the MSAT program. This program is appropriate for college graduates who may want to change careers, students who decided athletic training as a career option late in their undergraduate studies, or those who did not have time during their undergraduate years to major in athletic training.

High School Direct Admit

Are you a high school senior ready to begin working towards your degree in athletic training? Our high school direct admit option could be the right path for you! High school seniors who meet the criteria below are eligible for early admittance to our Master of Science in Athletic Training program. Students who are accepted as a high school direct admit and meet the undergraduate performance criteria while enrolled are guaranteed admission to our MSAT program. Students can choose from a 3+2 or 4+2 pathway in exercise science or physiology.

Did You Know?

From the 2021 National Athletic Trainers’ Survey Salary, the average salary of an AT with a master’s degree is $60,500.