Early Admittance

Franklin College 3+2 students have the option to apply for early admittance into the MSAT program through one of two pathways: 3+2 exercise science, 3+2 psychology.

Early admit status provides an undergraduate student admission assurance into the MSAT program. The student must apply to the MSAT program for early admittance and must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be on track for the 3+2 program in either exercise science or psychology
    1. For students choosing the 3+2 via exercise science, students must apply for and be accepted into the exercise science program before gaining early admittance to MSAT
  • Earn a “C” or higher in ANAT 210 and ANAT 220 (courses can be in progress but must be completed by the end of the semester of which the student is applying)
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Obtain a minimum of 20 hours of observation with a certified athletic trainer
  • Submit a personal statement
  • Submit two letters of recommendation: one from a faculty member or advisor and one from a certified athletic trainer, physician or other healthcare professional

Retention Requirements for Early Admittance to the MSAT

  • Students who earn early admittance to the MSAT program will be reviewed at the end of each semester to ensure they are continuing to meet each of the following requirements:
    • Maintain minimum program requirements as an exercise science major
    • Earn a “C” or higher in all MSAT pre-requisite courses completed at the time of review
    • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Students with early admit status who have met all retention requirements must also meet the following requirements to matriculate into the MSAT Program:
    • Complete a minimum of 50 hours of observation with a certified athletic trainer
    • The initial 20 hours of observation submitted with the application count toward the total hours
    • The student can obtain these hours at any point throughout their undergraduate degree but they must be completed by June 1 of the summer matriculating into the MSAT program
    • All hours must be tracked on the hour verification form
    • Complete all MSAT prerequisite courses with a C or higher, including Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Biology or Biomechanics, Nutrition, Physics, Statistics, Chemistry, Exercise Physiology

Early admittance may be revoked from students who do not continually meet the required benchmarks each semester. If a student does not meet the MSAT program retention requirements, the student will be placed on probation. If probation is due to not meeting the GPA minimum requirement, the student will have one semester to improve their cumulative GPA to the minimum program requirement. Upon completion of the subsequent semester, the student must submit a letter to the MSAT program director requesting review for reinstatement for early admittance to the MSAT program. If the student’s cumulative GPA does not improve by the end of the subsequent semester, early admittance will be revoked.

If probation is due to receiving a grade lower than “C” in an MSAT prerequisite course, the student will remain on probation until completion of the course with a satisfactory grade of a “C” or better, meeting minimum program standards. Departmental consent (exercise science, psychology, and MSAT) is required if the student is retaking the course from an institution other than Franklin College. If a student is placed on probation for a grade lower than a “C” in one of the Exercise Science or psychology core sequenced courses, or any of the MSAT prerequisite courses, the ability to progress through the curriculum on time will be impacted. If the student does not improve the grade after the 2nd attempt, early admittance will be revoked.

If a student fails to meet the early admit requirements or their early admit status was revoked, the student can still apply to the MSAT program through the external application process via ATCAS (Athletic Training Centralized Application System) found here.

Students may be eligible to complete a 3+2 pathway to the MSAT program without early admit status. In some instances, a 4+2 pathway might be a better option. For more information on which pathway is best for you, contact the MSAT program director, Tiffany Franklin, at tfranklin@franklincollege.edu.