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Academic Focus

Kids on Campus strives to offer challenging and innovative sessions that cover a wide array of subjects often studied on campus. Below is an overview of each of the academic areas offered. You will see these icons again in the class descriptions to help you easily determine class focus as you are making your selections.

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Campers will learn to express themselves using many different mediums.  An art background is not necessary to participate.


Campers will learn how daily life impacts the planet.


Geography classes will focus on building an understanding of different cultures around the world.   

Language Arts

Classes will include components of learning effective written and verbal communication across many mediums.

Life Skills

Classes will emphasize caring for one another, communicating effectively and working through problems.


Classes will use practical, age-appropriate applications to test the boundaries of knowledge.


Classes will provide an experience which will enhance musical skills, knowledge and appreciation. No experience required to participate in these classes.


Campers will explore the importance of food in their overall health and how healthy choices impact their bodies.

Physical Education

Classes will focus on movement and sport.  Students can expect to be active and have fun working with a team.


Campers will use practical, hands-on experiments to expand an understanding of how things work.

Social Science

Campers will focus on participating in group interactions and effectively communicating their point of view. 


Campers will receive hands-on instruction to help build critical 21st century STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills.