Coronavirus Update – Jan. 18, 2021


Just a reminder that any student who is currently not on campus during immersive term or for athletics will be required to submit a COVID-19 negative test result for re-entry onto campus for Spring term. Please see the attached document for the initial communication from Dean Jones.  

While this message may be long, I am hoping to address many of the questions we have received for immersive term right here for you as you plan for spring term. Please take the time to read through this in order to save yourself an additional email.  

Q. Am I supposed to email someone my test results?  

A. Please use this link to submit all test results. This will assist in streamlining our communication and ensure that your email does not get lost in our in-boxes.  Immersive Term Re-Entry Test Submission and affirmation of Quarantine (   

Q. When should I complete my re-entry form?  

A. Once you receive your result, please upload your test immediately. If you have a positive result, our Clinic Coordinator will be in contact with you. If you have a negative result, Security will be working to activate cards but we need your help to allow some notice as there are very few people who are able to do this for you. Please do not wait to submit your results if you have them. Additionally, please do not depart for campus unless you have completed your re-entry submission.    

Q. I tested positive within 90 days, do I need to do anything?  

A. Please submit a re-entry form and report that you received a positive test (on or after 11/2/2020). There will be an option to ask if the college is aware of it.  

·         If so, then you will not need to upload any additional information.  

·         If we were not aware of it, we will ask that you upload a result with the test date. The clinic coordinator will be in touch if it seems that you may need to be in isolation at the moment. If the 10 day isolation period has lapsed, we will put your submission on record and your card access will be granted accordingly.   

·         Submission Link: Immersive Term Re-Entry Test Submission and affirmation of Quarantine (   

Q. Do commuters need to submit a test result?  

A. Yes. All students are expected to upload a result to the form in order for their cards to be activated for campus access.   

Q. I was already tested and uploaded a result but I am not on campus and will not be until Spring term. Do I need to get re-tested?  

A. Yes. All students who are currently not on campus must submit a test result dated 1/25 or after.   

Q. I submitted a negative result from a test after 1/25. How do I know that it has been received and that my card will be turned back on?  

A. You should receive auto-confirmation of your submission to your email. If you received that, you can feel confident that we have received your entry. We are working with Security to communicate negative and 90 day exemption submissions each day for them to turn on your card access. You will not receive an email from the college unless there is an issue with your submission.    

Q. When should I get tested?   

A. We encourage you to sign up for your test date to be between 1/25 and 1/28 in order to get your test results in time, allow you to upload your results and have your card activated. Please plan accordingly so that you are not missing any classes the first week of Spring term. Most test results are coming back within 2-3 days at this time, but some sites still report longer waiting periods; schedule your test according to your local information. We will be unable to make exceptions for students who delay getting tested and cannot attend the first few days of class.   

Q. I am an athlete and need to be back on campus before spring term. What do I need to do?  

A. Please schedule a test within 6 days of planning to arrive to campus for your athletic commitment. (for example, if you are required to be here on January 25th, please schedule a test after January 19th. Your re-entry submission is sent to athletics for their review as well.  

 If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out but I am hoping that I covered much of this here for you.  

 Have a great day,  


Kat Dennehy  
Associate Dean of Students