Coronavirus Update – Feb. 9, 2021

Dear Students,

I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful snow and that your spring semester is off to a great start! I write to remind you of a few Fortify Franklin policies. We have been dealing with COVID-19 for about a year now, and I know we’re all weary of maintaining  safety procedures. That said, we must remain vigilant in order to keep everyone healthy and safe and to keep in-person experiences a reality. Please see below for a few reminders. These specific issues have been brought to my attention by your faculty members who are concerned about these behaviors.

  • Clean masks must be worn over your nose and mouth at all times in all campus buildings (except within private residence hall rooms or during approved athletic activities).
  • Masks must be cleaned daily. You may hand wash cloth masks with soap and warm water. If you don’t have a clean mask, please use one of the disposable masks available to you at the Sanitation Stations across campus.
  • Masks do no good if they aren’t covering your nose and mouth. If your mask is too large, please consider using one of the disposable masks available to you at the Sanitation Stations across campus.
  • Gators may be worn, but must also cover your nose and mouth to be effective.
  • You MUST wear a mask over your nose in mouth in any public spaces…even if you’re alone (for example, as you’re studying at a table in the library or reading in a lounge).
  • You may NOT eat or drink during class. This is an institutional policy and is not subject to the discretion of individual faculty members. Please do not ask your professors to make exceptions to this rule. (If you have a medical concern related to this policy, please consult with Nurse Tracey or Dean Wehner, if you have not already done so.)
  • You MUST wear a mask over your nose and mouth as you move about the Dining Hall; your mask may only be removed while you’re seated and eating. You may not walk around to visit other tables without a mask in place.
  • There is still much we don’t know about the virus and its transmission. Those of you who have been positive within the last 90 days or who may have already received a vaccine may still be a carrier of the virus. As such, you are still required to follow all Fortify Franklin policies.

 If you are concerned about non-compliance with Fortify Franklin policies, please report that behavior here. We can only intervene if we’re aware of the situation.

Finally, surveillance testing for non-athletes resumes this week and will continue throughout the semester. Please be on the lookout for communication from Associate Dean Kat Dennehy to comply with testing protocol as requested. Surveillance testing for athletes has been ongoing in compliance with NCAA requirements.

Thank you for all you’re already doing to keep our campus safe. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about any of these policies.

Best wishes for a great semester!

Dean Jones


Dr. Andrew B. Jones 
Vice President for Student Development & Dean of Students
Franklin College