Coronavirus Update – Aug. 19,2021

Dear Colleagues,

I appreciate your patience while we have updated the #FortifyFranklin plan to accommodate current conditions relative to the COVID environment as we prepare for the fall semester.  You will find the updated plan attached, and it is posted on our website at  

I want to thank members of the Cabinet, Professor Justin Gash, Campus Nurse Tracey Lunsford, as well as our consulting physicians with the Johnson County Health Department and Johnson Memorial Health for their contributions.  The updated plan has been reviewed and approved by the latter two entities as well as counsel.  Special thanks to Vice President and Dean of Students Andrew Jones, who continues to coordinate the overall COVID strategy for the campus.  Thanks also to members of the Faculty Steering Committee who assisted in crafting the class attendance policy.

We are still receiving documentation of vaccination from our students, who are required to submit such or a negative COVID test in order to arrive on campus.  That level of vaccination will be one of the metrics we will provide consulting physicians on an on-going basis in order to make adjustments to policy.  We have been careful with the verbiage of all messaging to students to encourage increased vaccinations, and we will continue to do so.  

Each Cabinet officer has been involved in updating the policy, so I hope you will feel free to reach out to the leader of your respective division with questions.  Faculty colleagues are encouraged to contact Vice President & Dean Kristin Flora or Assistant Dean Justin Gash.

While the resurgence of the COVID challenge is disheartening, it will not diminish the enthusiasm with which we will welcome our new and returning students.  I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Best regards,


Kerry Prather