Coronavirus Update – Aug. 12, 2021

To the Campus Community,

The COVID infection rate in Johnson County has moved into the “orange” advisory level, reflecting a significant increase in positivity rate.  Since students are returning to campus and we have not yet fully assessed the level of vaccination among them, the advice of our consulting physicians is that we return to a policy of requiring masks indoors, with the following exceptions, per previous policy:

  • Individual is outdoors.
  • Individual is working inside an office or room that is not shared with anyone else.
  • Student is taking a shower in an individual stall. 
  • Student is inside a residential room or a Greek-house bedroom.
  • Individual is eating or drinking during meal time.
  • Individual is granted medical exception(s) approved by the college.

This policy is effective immediately.

We will continue to monitor both the external environment and the level of vaccination among the campus community, and our policies will be based on those metrics as well as direction from our consulting physicians.  

I will repeat the plea made for months to the entire campus community.  If you have not already been vaccinated and are not medically restricted from being, please consider doing so immediately.  At minimum, please consult your primary health care provider for advice on the wisdom of being vaccinated.  Thank you.

Kerry Prather