Meet Nhi Bao Tran

Here and now, girl from Vietnam has made her mark at Franklin College

11 hours. Franklin College junior Nhi Bao Tran’s family is 11 hours ahead of her in the day. The senior from Vietnam came to America in high school to pursue her education. At first, she lived with her grandmother and sister but once she got to college, she moved in by herself.

“When I came here at Franklin, for the first time ever I was absolutely on my own,” Tran said. “I was like, ‘Oh wow this is so different.'”

Even with the differences, Tran has made her mark and become successful in her studies. As a chemistry major, Franklin has helped prepare her to continue on in her education, both by providing the knowledge needed and emotional support.

“I plan to stay here to continue my education in graduate school,” Tran said. “I want to see how far I can go to get my master’s and doctorate degrees.”

Tran has adapted to the customs of America with help of her friends. Here she is involved in plenty of activities to keep her busy.

“It is hard to adapt when there is no one you can go back to be comforted at the end of the day,” Tran said. “I kind of merged into this because it is the only way to keep me going.”


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