Meet Jordan Hoard

Researching their way through life

From high school to college, Jordan Hoard’s passion for psychology has only been amplified the more involved they get.

Attracted to the hands-on aspect Franklin provides, as well as the small campus feel, Hoard decided on pursuing their academic career here. Although they started with A.P. Psychology in high school, Hoard remained unsure of their major until they took Abnormal Psychology with Dr. Bromley. Since then, their immersion into the psychology department has been effortless.profile photo of student Jordan Hoard

“I am super hard-working and determined,” Hoard said. “It has served me well throughout my academic career.”

With their work ethic, drive, and passion for the subject, Hoard, a senior, has found themselves in a position to further their knowledge through studies. In other words, it has allowed them a taste of what psychology looks like, thus cementing their desire for a research-based career track.

“I am currently working on an independent research study with Dr. Bromley. I am studying the perceived credibility of journalists based on the content that they are writing about, and whether that perceived credibility changes based on the race of the journalist,” Hoard said. “I hope to be able to present this study at a psychology conference called MPA (Midwestern Psychological Association) in the spring.”

After Franklin, Hoard wants to obtain a Ph.D. in experimental psychology, with hopes of eventually teaching at a university. Not only that, but one of their bucket list items is to give a TED talk on the research they do.

“My number one goal is to help people and I hope that the work I do is used to help people,” Hoard said.

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